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Beauty Treatments

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Deluxe Artistry Facial

If you are looking at de-stressing, re-balancing the skin or just want to take time-out while gifted hands and dancing fingers make you smile with joy.

Allow 60 mins               $79


Artistry Anti-Aging Facial

Stimulates cell turnover as it helps reduce small wrinkles around the face, eyes and mouth, applying regenerating serum designed to rebuild the skin.

Allow 70 mins               $99


Balinese Natural Facial

The ultimate relaxing treat using raw vegetables and fruit

Allow 70 mins               $99


Manicure and Pedicure

                                                                             Hand                  Foot

15 min (file, buff and paint)                                    $25                $26

30 min (file, buff, cuticle, paint, foot-

bath and exfoliation)                                              $39                 $39

60 min (file, buff, cuticle, paint, foot-

bath and exfoliation)                                              $59                 $59

90 min (file, buff, cuticle, paint, foot-

bath, scrub, massage and mask)                          $79                 $79


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